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Dog blog 3

'There's the sun the moon and Harry, Harry is his name.....that was a song I loved from the 70's from Catherine Howe. Not the only reason we called our Cockapoo Harry but one of them. The other one was that was Jane's grandfather's name and when we saw him (the puppy) we knew he looked like a Harry. Anyway how is the little shi....sorry doggy. He's doing fine although the other night he started coughing .....a new cough. Oh not the dug has covid 19 I said, and promptly googled can dogs get covid and the answer was yes. But I'm glad to say the vet said it was kind of dog flu and he would probably get over it without medication. That's the other thing, you pay £600 for pet insurance and nothing is insured.....which is pretty typical of insurances. They can always find a way out of paying. Anyway talking of vets Harry didn't like him and showed his teeth and growled whenever he cam near him. I suppose he'd heard us talking about cutting his balls off (the dog, not the vet) and was a bit scared of him. I would be as well. Actually I think the worst part of the ball chopping is everyone knowing what has happened, as you walk down the street with that fucking big plastic cone round your head. They do make a soft one but it's not as effective. I'm sure Jane will probably get one for herself just so that her little child doesn't feel different.

We have decided to hold off on the chopping till he humps everything in sight rather than just every other thing in sight. Funnily the biting has kind of started up again although not to the extent of before...... ie scars all over my body.....nobody else's, just mine. I may sound that I don't like Harry but I promise you it's for comedy effect. I miss him when he goes to the office with Jane and I'm left in the house on my own. I had a walking break through the other night and he allowed me to take him for his last drag and wee wee of the night. However now that he sleeps some the time on our bed I have to say he lies with his face next to Jane but the rest of the time he lies with his arse in my face. I say he does it deliberately but Jane says no. We are going away for a couple of days for Jane's birthday and of course it's to a dog friendly not the Premier Inn, I've found another one that takes 'well behaved dogs' That's Harry. He is incredibly well behaved for a 7 month old puppy....well so every one tells us. We have heard horror stories about other puppies so I suppose we are lucky. Oh well here's to the next doggy bloggy.


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