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Doggy Bloggy 4

Well....the dreaded deed has been done. The snip. His humpiness had been growing by the day. Other dogs, Jane, me. Mind you it's so long since anyone has looked at me it that way, I took it as a compliment. That wasn't the final straw though (not plastic) While Jane was walking him his 20 miles 3 hours a day, he caught the scent of a woman (good title for a film) and ran off. He disappeared out of sight and at one point Jane thought he had run onto the street. Fortunately he hadn't and she eventually caught up with him. Anyway his fate was sealed. 'Off with them' she said.

So one wet miserable November day we walked Harry to the new vet. He looked so happy, obviously not realising his reason for living was about to be ended. He sat on the vet's table and was fine till he put the stethoscope on him. Maybe it was cold, I don't know, but he turned on him, with an angry growl. The vet was quick to move and said he would be fine. We left him and went back home. We felt the same way as when we left David at boarding school. The difference was David didn't have his balls cut off, although Mr Ryan Tutt nearly did on a few occasions. What a horrible little trumpet playing teacher twat Tutt was. He mocked David and his musical ambitions every chance he got.......well who has the last laugh now Tutt.

Where was I ....Oh yes snip. We went back to pick him up about 4 and as we sat in the waiting room we could here him howling.....nae..... wailing from his cage. I wondered if the vet would give us his testicles in a jar, you know how they sometimes give you your gall stones. Anyway I didn't really want them, truth be known. So off we went, with cone of shame round his little neck. He looked so sad. He slept quite a bit but didn't seem to be any different. HIs bark wasn't higher or he didn't walk with lisp. He was normal. Still biting me at every oporchancity. (a little Francie and Josie word there) He seemed to be fine and actually managed to cope quite well with the cone. Jane was the stitches checker and while studying that area she noticed this little willie was wet looking. It was red and didn't look quite right. So back to his favourite vet he went. Yes it seemed to be a little infection. So the cone had to stay on longer and he was given some cream to massage into his appendage. He's a quick learner and Jane noticed that he sat very still and seemed to have a slight smile on his face as she rubbed it in. I said well if you rubbed cream into my willie I would probably act the same way.

On that note I shall leave doggy bloggy and carry on with my slow cooked lamb.


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