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I created a ‘old lady’ character (Aunty May) for a television series I did in the 80’s. I worked with an MD in Scotland and when I went to his house his wife opened the door and greeted me with hilarious laughter. So I modelled myself on her. I wanted an alter ego who could insult the audience and I wouldn’t be blamed for it. Everyone loved her right from the the start. So when I realised it was time to hang up my  “Button’s" costume, I knew exactly what my Dame character would be. It was 1997 with Max Boyce at the Kings in Edinburgh that May first bounced on to the stage in Jack and the beanstalk. And she has been gracing the stage every year since. When I was 30 I thought of her as a 65 year old lady… I’m older than she was then.


Scroll down to see many of her incarnations

peter pan dame pic 1.jfif
peter pan dame pic 2.jfif
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