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Soooooo..... Where do I start. My poor Harry had a bad weekend, and so did I. Saturday, we were in the big garden and two cats attacked Harry. I tried to kick them away and they scratched my leg. Harry wasn't too shaken but wasn't happy. He hates cats, so I suppose he has been asking for it. Sunday, in the same garden he went into the bushes and stood on a shard of glass. Came limping out and licked his paw for an hour. Again not too bad. Now Monday, that was the biggy. We were sitting in a coffee shop and this white husky was sitting with it's dog walker. The girl said my dog attacks other dogs sometimes but he seems very calm today. Harry sat very close to me and wouldn't move. He wouldn't eat his chew and seemed very anxious. We chatted and her dog didn't move. Neither did Harry. She got up to leave and just as she went to go he attacked Harry. Again I lashed out with me foot to get him off but he attacked again. Harry was squealing. I put myself between him and the dog and she managed to pull it away. I told her to get out in no uncertain terms. Harry was traumatised and I was shaking as well. Anyway on the way home I felt my leg was sore. When I got home the dog had bitten my leg and it was bleeding quite badly. Harry calmed down and I went back up to the coffee shop to find out where the dog lived. On the way up I tripped over a raised flag stone and fell flat on my face. Some people ran out of a restaurant and picked me up. I felt so stupid. The girl said oh look at your leg. I said oh that wasn't just now, I was bitten by a dog today. She said your not having a good day are you.....understatement I think. Anyway we both got over it and we are now trying to find the owner of the Dog. Daygo was its name.

So other than that Jane has been very busy with the Bond premier and I'm going up to Edinburgh next week to do the launch of the panto. So that is great news. Then the week after I go off on my first ship in 2 years.....will I remember the act. I bloody hope so. Really looking forward to it.

So that's the news for the moment.


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The sun has been shining ....ish. The summer is here and Doggy Harry is still on the lead. Who said having a dog is easy. Poor Harry is now limping slightly. But enough to worry us. We took him to the Ralf (the big vets hospital where they did his operation) and they said there might be some muscle wastage (that spelling doesn't look right) and he has to be kept on the lead for another two months.....Oh Jesus this is just crazy. So we took him to a place where they put him in water and video him walking on a treadmill. So that threw up an interesting situation. It seems he is limping because his back leg is slightly lame. So it looks like the accident affected his back leg and no one originally noticed because his front let was broken. So now he has to go for 8 sessions for water therapy. They seem very confident that he can be 'fixed' with the therapy. I really hope so.

Now for my career.....what career you say. Still not a lot happening although I firmly believe that panto at the Kings will happen this year. We have the script. I have been measured for new wigs and costumes and everyone (the boys) are very excited about the prospect of walking on that wonderful stage again. All being with very sad feelings. I have a few ships in the book but I'm not holding my breath about them.

I took the bull by the horns and booked my play,( which I've finished during the lockdown), into the studio space in the the Festival Theatre, for a weeks run. It's called Maggie and Me. It's about the last night of the Kings panto just before it closes for refurbishment and it takes place in the dressing room with my dresser Maggie. In real life Maggie has been my dresser for 15 years and we have a very funny and interesting relationship. So it's basically what it's like ( a few bits of artistic licence have been used) behind the scenes. I talk about my life and career as well as perform some panto scenes. Not sure if that explains it very well .....I must give it more thought. Anyway that will be October 2022. I have also booked the Kings for the end of March 2022 for my big big variety show. .....Ok I know the last one was to be the last one, but that was before we had the worst 2 years in history and I believe we are in need of some great entertainment. It will be the biggest show yet. I'll really go for it. I promise you.

Right I'm off to make the dinner.


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How's that for a catchy title. So how is Harry my wee dug. Well we got to the magic end of the 12 weeks rehab and the vet said ok let him run like Forrest Gump. So we let him off his lead and he was so happy. Chasing dogs playing with them and going crazy. Jane did this although her gut told her to do it gradually. But the vet said just let him go. Well we noticed quite quickly that he had a slightly funny run and also he tripped sometimes when walking. So after a couple of days she talked to our own vet and he said sorry he will have to go back to only 10 minutes a day lead walking he may have pulled a muscle. So it's back to the drawing board, He seems fine but we have to be careful. Other than that his kleptomania is still rife. He steels stuff out of pockets or anywhere he can find something he shouldn't have. He may have to go to jail.

+ other stuff. I've decided to bring back the Big Big Variety show in April 2022. I was going to give it a few years off but this will be the last chance to do it in the Kings before it shuts for refurb and also I just feel we all need to get into a theatre and have a laugh. That goes for us as well. Big Stotty has started River City (how fantastic is that) So let's hope he will be available for the Big show. I haven't booked anyone else but it will be exciting putting it together again.

Also I have booked the Festival theatre studio space to try out my play 'There is something like a dame' This is a play/comedy about life in the panto dressing room with my dresser Maggie. The lovely actress Anne Smith has been reading the part of Maggie with me, and she is perfect for the part. This will be in October 2022. I'm producing the show myself. Unfortunately Andy Gray was going to direct the play which would have been the perfect synergy, but sadly that's not to be.

Meanwhile I doubt I will do any ships this year and I cant commit to 3/4 months on board which is what most companies want. So all my energies will be put into the Panto. 'Sleeping Beauty' this year. ......fingers crossed.

Ok, Cheerey bumps and Andy would say. xxx

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