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Actually it's not really a doggy bloggy because......I haven't seen my boy since I came up to Edinburgh. He will have forgotten me. I can't cope. Jane sends photos of him in all different guises but I do miss him....oh and Jane and my children.

We had a wonderful rehearsal period, I do love the whole process, and we opened to an amazing Saturday audience. The crowd went wild and the tribute we pay to Andy (near the end) was perfect. The audience just applauded and cheered at the mention of King Andy. It was very emotional.

However as I am writing this I feel as if we are living on a knife edge. We are taking one day at a time 'sweet Jesus' (as the song goes) and hoping none of us come down with the dreaded covid. We had one of the crew, John Nicol asm, off for 10 days, but he is due back this week and luckily no one else has been hit by it.

I broke or bruised a rib when I fell in a big wheel bin....what a twat, and I had a bad cold. I kept sneezing and coughing on stage. But as always 'Dr. Footlights' gets you through all problems.

So it's fingers crossed none of the family get covid because they are all coming up to Edinburgh for Christmas. I can't imagine sitting in my flat on my own if they don't make it.

So to my reader, have a lovely Christmas and I'll see you next year.


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I wonder if having this doggy bloody has led to my latest project...... Scotland's Best Dog. It's a BBC Scotland tv series which I am narrating. I've never done this before so it's been very interesting. The series is about family dogs competing against each other in different tests. Like agility, obedience and bonding. The dogs aren't trained other than by their owners and it really is a fun show. So I sit in a recoding studio with the film in front of me and I explain what is happening in each round. I've really enjoyed it. I must say Harry wouldn't have done very well as he tends to just look at me when I tell him to do something. Talking of Harry he is almost there with his recuperation. It's been a long one.....9 months. He still goes to hydrotherapy and his muscles are slowly coming back to full strength. He still isn't allowed off the lead for anymore than 15 minutes a day but we can see a change in him at last. Jane has a daily fight with cyclist in Regents park. There are signs everywhere saying no cyclists but they still go flying round the paths. And....those fucking electric scooters.....don't get me started. I remember Grant told me never to get into and twitter fight with cyclists but I have to say I hate them. They go through red lights....they go up one way streets the wrong way ..... they drive on the pavement. Ok rant over.

So.....yes it's getting close to the panto and it's looking as if it's going to happen. I hope. We had a press launch last week and it was great to see the whole cast. We had a great day and the photos turned out really well. I have a new wig this year. It's called a solid wig. So Maggie my faithful dresser wont have to dress it every night. She'll be happy. The script is all ready to go and when we get on the floor (rehearsal) we make all the final tweaks, which will hopefully bring the extravaganza you have come to expect. Although it will be a sad time as well as we all miss our wonderful Andy. He'll be up there watching though. I have my flat organised and our Christmas trip to Prestonfield House hotel all booked. I cant wait to get back on the Kings stage. Happy days.

Scotland's best dogs starts on the 18th of November. So have a wee look.

PS Thanks to Gavin 'Doc' for his lovely piece in the Express.


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Soooooo..... Where do I start. My poor Harry had a bad weekend, and so did I. Saturday, we were in the big garden and two cats attacked Harry. I tried to kick them away and they scratched my leg. Harry wasn't too shaken but wasn't happy. He hates cats, so I suppose he has been asking for it. Sunday, in the same garden he went into the bushes and stood on a shard of glass. Came limping out and licked his paw for an hour. Again not too bad. Now Monday, that was the biggy. We were sitting in a coffee shop and this white husky was sitting with it's dog walker. The girl said my dog attacks other dogs sometimes but he seems very calm today. Harry sat very close to me and wouldn't move. He wouldn't eat his chew and seemed very anxious. We chatted and her dog didn't move. Neither did Harry. She got up to leave and just as she went to go he attacked Harry. Again I lashed out with me foot to get him off but he attacked again. Harry was squealing. I put myself between him and the dog and she managed to pull it away. I told her to get out in no uncertain terms. Harry was traumatised and I was shaking as well. Anyway on the way home I felt my leg was sore. When I got home the dog had bitten my leg and it was bleeding quite badly. Harry calmed down and I went back up to the coffee shop to find out where the dog lived. On the way up I tripped over a raised flag stone and fell flat on my face. Some people ran out of a restaurant and picked me up. I felt so stupid. The girl said oh look at your leg. I said oh that wasn't just now, I was bitten by a dog today. She said your not having a good day are you.....understatement I think. Anyway we both got over it and we are now trying to find the owner of the Dog. Daygo was its name.

So other than that Jane has been very busy with the Bond premier and I'm going up to Edinburgh next week to do the launch of the panto. So that is great news. Then the week after I go off on my first ship in 2 years.....will I remember the act. I bloody hope so. Really looking forward to it.

So that's the news for the moment.


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