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It's been so long

HI, yes I know I have not written for a very long time. Don't know why.....Anyway I'm here now.

I have been working quite a lot on Cunard ships. The Queen Elizabeth and Victoria. It was difficult at first, because of all the covid rules ie masks distancing etc. But at last the Q Victoria is back to normal and feels really good again. I have just come back from a trip up north to the Fjords. I was dreading the flight back as I only had half an hour to get my connecting flight. But I don't know how it happened, but I made it and my case did as well. So all the stressing was for nothing.

So here we are in the middle of a heatwave. I hate all the scaremongering that is going on in the media. In fact I hate the media. It is getting worse and worse. Every day they have you petrified about something. So will we all die with the heat ....who knows.

I had a bad week recently. I got a kidney stone and finished up in hospital for one night. My first hospital stay since I was 11. (Tonsils) Not bad record actually. I was rolling in pain when Jane came in and she took me to A and E at St Mary's. It was like a war zone. So we left there and my wonderful doctor (Myres ) got me into the Princess Grace hospital where they took great care of me. I passed it.....oya.... and felt much better. I was bit dodgy for a few days but fine now. The pain is pretty severe. My wonderful Jane was so organised. Great in an emergency....always has been. We are not going to LA this year. I might go later in the year, but with the whole travel situation we are going to stay in the Uk at our favourite hotels.

David has bought a house in LA so that will be something special to do next year. He is working so hard at the moment. In the studio with Ollie Muirs and has just finished his album. He also has finishes 7 tracks for a new group 'The OPera', remember that name they are going to be massive. They are the new Queen. I saw them perform in LA earlier this year and I believe I was watching the birth of a super group. They are managed my Scooter Braun.

Kate has a new single out this week. It's a cracker (although a little controversial) She wrote it with David. Great video as well.

I went to see some of Janes concerts in the park (BST) I saw Elton John, The Stones (twice) and Eagles. The Stones were particularly special.

So the summer rolls on and we are all basking in the sun........I"m not really as my skin cant take it anymore. Age is a terrible thing. Harry is wonderful and is almost back to 100%. Only took 2 years. Ok that was longer than I anticipated. But that should do for another 6 months......Sorry Gavin.


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