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No Doggy bloggy

HI, this is not a doggy bloggy it's a big show bloggy.

Well, what can I say. In January I almost cancelled the big show as I felt that I should quit while I was winning. ie I had done 6 wonderful big shows and there wasn't really much more I could do. I am so glad I didn't. I persevered and worked hard on bringing the Kings a show. And what a show it was. Grant and I talked endlessly a tribute to Andy, as we didn't do a memorial for him due to covid. So I left most of the work on Andy's tribute to him, and he put a beautiful piece together. I had a short video clip of Andy singing Gilly Gilly, so I spoke to my MD Andy Pickering and he put live music to it. So Andy had his big finale song all to himself and the end of the tribute. It was a wonderful moment.

I particularly loved the 'Grant Stott's life stories' with Aunty May. My dance at the end of the routine took quite a while to perfect (I'm not a dancer you know) but it was worth it. The Macroberts reached new absurd heights and I enjoyed my act at the end more than any other show. I think the show this year had 'heart and soul' it all meant something and with it being the last variety show before it closes ,made it all the more poignant.

I struggled to get acts this year, but I hit the jackpot with Nicola Meehan, Max Fullham and the Big Men in Town. They all smashed their spots out the park.

I received the best reviews I've ever had, and Joyce McMillan, who doesn't usually enthuse.....enthused. My family, David, Kate, Jane and Betsie (David's girlfriend) all came up after terrible BA flight problems (how useless are BA) and were there to support me as they always do. What a joy the last night was. (hi to Liz McGowan lovely to see you. You said you read my you're the one)

So I'm back home now and my Harry greeted me exactly like I wanted him to do. So until the Kings opens back up in 2024 it's 'Good night form me.....and Goodnight from her.


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