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Almost 17

Almost 17, I remember when I was almost 17. The reason I remember that birthday so well is that I had a chart on my bedroom wall counting down the days till I could take my driving test. I loved cars and to drive was the greatest goal of my life to that point. My dad who was, among other things, a car dealer had taught me to drive from the age of 15 on private roads, and as I kid he let me sit on his knee and steer the and safety. He didn't think about that. Proof of that was when he tied a sledge onto the back of his car and pulled my sister along the road. Can you believe he did that. He was a wonderful dad though. The greatest influence in my life. When newspapers ask me who I would like to have dinner with, dead or alive, I always say 'my dad'. I would dearly love him to have met my wife and children. To watch my kids make their way in the music world would have given him the greatest kick. He did everything for me in my career and also set me up financially. His main ambition for me, as well as success in the business, was to make sure I never had to worry about money. So back to present times. My family have been up to Edinburgh for Christmas. It was perfect. We stayed at Prestonfield House Hotel. Our favourite hotel in the world. Its like a film set at this time of the year. We sit by the log fire and drink and eat stovies. Its so fantastic that my kids...well they are 22 and 27 still want to be with us at this time of the year. Jane has gone down to London as she has a big event with Robbie Williams on new years eve which is telivised on BBC. Next year is looking very exciting for David and Kate. Kate's next single 'Hands' has been written and produced by David, and also David has a track on the new Tinie Tempa album which he wrote produced and features on. So at last we hope the family team are about to take off. I have the big big show at the end of February and that should  be great with my first chance to work with Elaine C Smith. So that's it for now. Have a great 17 and I'll speak to you soon.

bye x

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