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Almost over


I should be ashamed of myself for not writing for such a long time. Anyway the panto has been and almost gone. What a triumph it was. We all had worries about having to change the script at such a late date, but Ed Curtis and Michael Harrison came up with a fantastic script and with all of us working very hard have come up with a massive hit. I have never seen such great reviews.....except for one silly old know who you are. The theatre has been buzzing and the twitter comments amazing. Not that I am on twitter (I don't trust myself) but Grant keeps me up to date with comments. We all miss Andy of course and we have kept him in theloop by sending him videos everyday of the audience sending their love. As I write we are hoping that Andy will be coming to see the show very soon. As always we send him our love and hope for a full recovery.

I have enjoyed this year so much and although very tired after every show I look forward to going into the Theatre every day. We had a wonderful Christmas as usual with all the family up here at Prestonfield House Hotel. So it's time to look forward to another year of hard work.

My big big show is at the end of February and is starting to cause me to have stress dreams already. Last nights dream was scary. The cast is booked and it's a cracker. Kev Orchian is coming back. He was a massive hit 3 years ago. Mandy Muden from BGT is hitting Edinburgh for the first time and Soul Nation (a gospel choir) are on the show. As well as Grant, my Big big mate. So all I have to do now is write the show.

I'm also making my first appearance at the Crazy Coqs venue in central London in March12th Great little cabaret room near Piccadilly Circus. It's been so long since I worked in London. So really looking forward to it. So that's you all up to date. Off to San Francisco to pick up the Queen Victoria in a couple of weeks then a well earned week off in LA. So I'll write again soon....yeh right.


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