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Captain Tom

This is the name on everyone's lips at the moment. What a wonderful inspiration to us all. I woke up about 10 days ago and switched on the news. Captain Tom was heavily featured and my head went o Major Tom (Space Oddity) I got up did my usual bits and pieces and as I started my daily 13 thousand bad eh, I started to write a parody of the David Bowie classic, changing the major to captain. I usually write humorous parodies but these new lyrics just seem to pour out. By the end of my walk I had recorded on my voice notes the whole set of new lyrics. I then went up to my son, David's recording studio and said ok drop what your doing I need your help. I recorded the track and it was finished in an hour. (I wish David had been around when I was young he can really record voices) I then contacted Wonder boy (that's what we call Ryan Dewer my videographer) Andy and Grant introduced me to him a few years ago and since then he has been the tech advisor on all my Big shows. So he got down to producing a video to go with the song. It was finished by 8 pm and it was magnificent. I then uploaded it the next morning to Facebook and 6 days later it had 3/4 of a million views across all social media. I was really chuffed for myself (never had more than 1000 views before) but more chuffed by the comments. So I decided to launch the single as a charity single in aid of NHS Together. And so as of today it is available to download on iTunes I'm sincerely hoping I can make some more money for the wonderful NHS.

On another note we are all doing really well considering the circumstances. The family are eating and laughing together every night and although it's going to be a long haul I'm sure we will all come through this. I find a much friendlier attitude from everyone I see on our communal garden. In fact I've made some new friends just by chatting every day. Not something that happens in London. I hope by the next time I write we will have some sort of exit strategy. Keep safe.



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