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I received a lovely compliment from the well know journalist Gavin Doc Docherty. He phoned to say he enjoyed my blog about my cockapoo Harry.....sorry my wife Jane's cockapoo. Because as I intimated before I'm not really rated in Harry's life.....I'm just the lodger. The other night as Jane was in bed I went to the loo. when I came back Harry was actually lieying with his head on my pillow like it was his bed. and,......he wouldn't move. Jane and I have had couple of little tiffs.....I say he's a dog......a DOG....... but Jane thinks of him as a child......a CHILD. I love him and if no one else is in, he loves me, which is one consolation I suppose. So if covid gets everyone except me and Harry, I'll be alright. He is very intelligent and has us totally wrapped round his little paw. Fortunately he has stopped biting me because his little razor sharp teeth have gone.....I didn't knock them out, honestly, but they do fall out about 5 months and new little razor sharp teeth come in. But for some reason they don't bite as much. Thank God as I would have needed a blood transfusion if he'd kept on slicing into me. Jane walks him twice a day. You ask why not me.? Well it's because he wont go with me. (every cloud has a silver .....) Jane went into a shop the other day and I said I'll just walk back home with him. He wouldn't budge. I carried him....I dragged him and about 10 meters from the house he started to walk. If Jane goes to the loo he greets her like he hasn't seen her for months. Me......he just looks at me like I'm a piece of cheese. He is wonderful though. I cant imaging the house without him. We now talk to everyone in London. Same questions.....ooooh he's lovely how old....ooooh he's big ......what' his name......I'm not the most sociable of people and not very good with small talk so I find myself walking on as Jane goes through the same routine. It's funny how when you first get the little puppy everything is new to your life.....Oh look he's getting up the stairs now.....oh look he can get up on the couch on his own.....oh look he's dragging arse along the carpet......why do they do that. He also has started humping everything in site, boy dogs ...girl dogs .....legs. They say he will need the snip at about 8 months. As a male I feel terrible about that though. Can you imagine if humans had the same life problems. You just get into long trousers and the girls are eying you up.....and dad says ok son, off the doctors for you.....snip snip and Bob's your aunty. But it will have to be done. Another grand to be spent. I wonder if it will change his lovely would fucking change mine. Oh well till the next time.


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