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Doggy Bloggy 13

Actually it's not really a doggy bloggy because......I haven't seen my boy since I came up to Edinburgh. He will have forgotten me. I can't cope. Jane sends photos of him in all different guises but I do miss him....oh and Jane and my children.

We had a wonderful rehearsal period, I do love the whole process, and we opened to an amazing Saturday audience. The crowd went wild and the tribute we pay to Andy (near the end) was perfect. The audience just applauded and cheered at the mention of King Andy. It was very emotional.

However as I am writing this I feel as if we are living on a knife edge. We are taking one day at a time 'sweet Jesus' (as the song goes) and hoping none of us come down with the dreaded covid. We had one of the crew, John Nicol asm, off for 10 days, but he is due back this week and luckily no one else has been hit by it.

I broke or bruised a rib when I fell in a big wheel bin....what a twat, and I had a bad cold. I kept sneezing and coughing on stage. But as always 'Dr. Footlights' gets you through all problems.

So it's fingers crossed none of the family get covid because they are all coming up to Edinburgh for Christmas. I can't imagine sitting in my flat on my own if they don't make it.

So to my reader, have a lovely Christmas and I'll see you next year.


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