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Doggy Bloggy 14


Well what has been going on. I was very excited to see my boy (Harry) and he was excited to see his daddy....God this so pathetic, I never thought I'd talk like this about a dog. Anyway he is doing really well but still not 100% with his leg. But getting there.

I have been on the Queen Elizabeth for a few days. Great to get back on stage again and have been planning The big big show. It's all cast now and I have some great talent again this year. Max Fulham is a new young clever ventriloquist. I saw him a couple of years ago at the Panto awards and thought I must have him for the Big show. I also have seen Jersey boys tribute acts on the ships and decided that the music of the Four seasons is so good and strong, to book Big Men in Town for my show.

I was blown away with the voice of Nicola Meehan during the panto (she played the Fairy) so I booked her as well. She is pregnant so she will have 'baby on board' during her act. Tall boy is back my my side and luckily he will just have finished River City recording the week before.

So now all I have to do is write the show. OK.......easy peezy.

Everything else is fine. Still not sure if we will go to LA this year. Let's see how it's all looking in a few months. I have really missed not going in February when I usually go but it's just not worth it at the moment.

I have also been planning a podcast with my pal Ross King. It's call 'the King in LA with Allan Stewart." Not sure when it will come out, just working on it now.

Kate has a new single coming out on her new record label. It's called Hate You and comes out on Valentines day. Very appropriate. Great song and a great (very dark) video. We are going out next week to celebrate the new R and B Kate Stewart. She has a whole new instagram look and a wonderful pr company behind her. So let's hope this is my baby's year.

Ok that's all from me.


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