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Doggy Bloggy 7

I'm afraid this is not such a happy doggy bloggy, because our beautiful fluffy white cockapoo Harry was involved in an accident 4 weeks ago and broke his leg. We were in Hyde Park and Harry was off the lead and we decided (sliding doors moment) to go a different route. We didn't know, (and subsequently found out that many accidents have happened in the same area) that it was cycle path. However the cyclists shouldn't have been going so fast. They had already been warned by the park police for going over the speed limit. Anyway I only saw it after I heard Harry screaming. He had been hit by one of them and was stuck under the pedals. Jane screamed at them to slow down just before they hit him. It was a terrible feeling. I went crazy at them and the real Glasgow in me came out. They were apologetic but it was a terrible moment.

Jane picked him up and he calmed down very quickly. He was like a little lost baby. The police took the particulars and we hitched a lift on a park buggy back to the car and rushed him to the emergency vet. They saw him straight away and bandaged his leg up. He had a big cut on his leg and a cut on his neck. They took an X-ray and his leg was fractured. He was referred to 'The Ralph' which is an animal hospital in Marlow. They were unbelievable. I can't praise them highly enough. They kept him in for 2 days and fixed his leg up with screws and a metal plate . The problem now is that it's a 12 week rehabilitation period. 6 weeks in a cage and another 6 weeks confined to one room. So the first night Jane slept on the floor with him but now we have made a cage with a mattress in it, and he goes from day cage to his sleeping cage. So we are in double lock down because before we were loving the walking for hours every day but now he can't go out for more than 10 minutes four times a day.

So that's the latest and I'm sorry it doesn't have any humour in it. Hopefully I'll be back to an upbeat doggy bloggy next time.


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