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I'm here.

Wow....look at that, only a couple of weeks since I last wrote. Back from LA and it's pissing down, miserable, cold and depressing. But.....I'm fine. Almost all the writing done for the big Big show. I'm going up to Edinburgh at the beginning of March to work with Andy and Grant on the show. We always work better face to face. Andy still doing well. Grant just back from a wee break so he's fighting fit. I'm doing an interview with Pauline Mclean for BBC Scotland on Friday. An interview with Liam Rudden for the Evening News about my 60 years in the business. Maybe Gavin Docherty will call me......he's the only one that reads my blog. 60 years Gavin almost as long as your journalistic life. I've just been listening to a very good friend of mine whonhas had a nightmare with their travel insurance after an accident. So you must check your insurance before you travel. I hate the way Insurance companies try to wriggle out of every situation.

David's Jonas Bros song is still getting thousands of plays on radio here and in the USA. He has a great song by Griff getting a lot of plays on Radio 1 as well. Haley Steinfeld is due out in the next couple of weeks as well. Riding high. Kate has a TV show on Youtube (Terrel) where she writes and mentors new singers in LA. Also a new manager who is very big in the music business. Me I have a great project for 2021 I'm just about signed for. There will be an announcement soon. Very exciting. a hint.....A musical touring in Scotland.


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