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I'm still standing

Yes.....I'm still standing after all these years. That was my opening song in the Big Big show this year....60 years and still going strong. I'm a very lucky man to have so much fun at my work....and to get paid for it. I must admit it was a worrying run up to the show starting as the whole world was about to go into lock down. But the showbiz Gods looked down on me and kept the theatre open till we finished. Quite amazing really when you think that I finished on the Saturday and the Kings closed on the Monday.

We had a great time. Andy and Grant were on great form and as worried and stressed as I get about the new material it all worked. Every year I panic for about 3 months and then on opening night we all look at each other and think....YES.....we are off and running. My guests were amazing as well. Mick Millar had me in stitches every night and Mari was singing up a storm. Andy was a fit as I seen him and not only did he work ....he partied most nights. What a man.

So the family came up and they were heavily featured in the show. I realised an ambition of mine by singing David's Jonus Bros song "What a man gotta do". I have always said to him day when you have a hit I'll do it in the act. I showed videos of the kids when they were young and photos of Jane. It was actually quite emotional. Loved every minute of it.

So we came back to this surreal world we are now in. Lock down and as hard as that is, the fact that we might have to self isolate for 3 months is mind blowing. We are a very positive family and we are ...up to now....not letting it get to us. All my ships have been cancelled and I cant imagine what the repercussions are going to be. Will it affect Sister Act next year...will it affect the Panto. No on knows.

Ok so lets hope the next time I write everything will be a bit more positive.



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