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Its nearly summer

Hi All,

Well when the sun comes out I'm happy. Mind you I'm in the sun most of the year. Either in LA or on the 'boats' as people tend to call cruising. I am now right into my Cunard contracts and as I have picked the cruises I'm sailing to some of the most beautiful ports in the Med. I'm just back from a few days to Monte Carlo and then round to the north of Italy. It was beautiful. Shows went well and I had a great Japanese man sitting in the front. When I went down to get him to sing one line in a song he shouted out 'I can't sing for shit' .....very funny. I met Simon Weston, who was on the ship doing a lecture. What a lovely man. He has been through so much in his life. He sat at the front during the show and was a 'top laugher' I went to Take That at the O2 on Saturday (Jane was doing the hospitality) It was a fantastic show. Kim Gavin is a genius (the producer). I was hosting a table of friends including Michael Harrison and his beautiful pregnant lady Katherine. Mike and Julian Batt. Nicky and Michelle (two strippers I know) and Billy Differ (Cameron Macintosh's right hand man) and Paul his pal. It was a great night and a few drinks were taken. I'm going to Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett at the Albert Hall tonight. Then a week or so before joining the Queen Elizabeth. We had our first read through of the new play 'Canned Laughter' a couple of weeks ago and me and the boys (Andy and Grant) were very pleased with it. Ed (Curtis) and I have a lot of work to do, (Ed the most, I just chuck a few bits in here and there) but its a very exciting project. The idea behind the play is that Andy, Grant and I were a comedy act during the 70's called Wee 3. We eventually hit it as a double act in the 80's (Grant left the act) But eventually the double act split up very acrimoniously. After 25 this the first time we have all got back to together again with some very interesting situations. I hope it will be a very funny but also a bit dark in places. Looking forward to the tour in the Spring next year. David is still in Atlanta, working on a new mix tape. And Kate's first single (solo) is released next week. So basically all is well in the Stewart family. Bye xxx

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