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On my way home

Hi Everybody,

Well I have had the best three weeks for as long as I can remember. We go to LA every year to stay with Ross and Brianna but this year was special. First of all Ross and the beautiful Brianna got married.....yes at last. 8 years they have been together. The wedding was in a fantastic little venue called Il Cielo and I was the best man.....the speech....oh well lets call it a roast. Ross got a bit of a battering. If you get  Hello you will see the photos. Gary Barlow sang 'A million love songs' and then played piano for Ross to sing Great balls of C. Jane and I sat at the top table with Jackie Collins, Gary Barlow and Dawn, Gerald Butler and Morgan his girlfriend. It was the most magical day and night. Richard Mclarin was the photographer. He is the biggest photographer in the world at the moment. I have known him since he photographed me 30 years ago for TV Times. He did the new photo on my home page. So then next day Jane and I went down to Santa Monica for a couple of nights to the Shutters on the Beach. They upgraded us to the Presidential suite. Magnificent. We had breakfast on the beach with Gary Barlow and his family. He is a lovely down to earth guy. We had some magical evenings around Ross's pool when friends came over for dinner. David arrived. He is here to take some record company meetings, and then Kate flew in. She is here to write and also do a gig at a club called Bardot. She smashed it. Well done my baby. We went to a restaurant in Malabu with Gerald Butler and Morgan. It was one of the funniest nights ever. We sat outside and Gerald did the speech he was going to do at the wedding but didn't. It was hilarious. He also then told me that when he was a little boy he touched my camel coat outside the Kings in Glasgow and told his mum how excited he was to actually see me.....ah.!!!!! We then went down to a bar b q at Ray and Claire Kelvins house in Malabu. (Ted Baker) and had the most amazing day. His little daughter Eva is so beautiful. But most of all Jane and I totally relaxed ......totally. Don't want to come home. But we have to. I join the Queen Elizabeth the day after I get back. I have been following Andy and Grants great success with Willie and Sebastian at the Fringe in Edinburgh. I'm gutted I cant see it. Congrats to Andy on his award. He deserves it. So its back to the rain and wind next week and all I can say is that I am a very lucky man.....a very very lucky man. Speak soon.


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