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Still hanging in there.

When this all started I said.....right, the perfect situation to do all the things I've wanted to do and haven't done......12 weeks on, still haven't done them. I cant believe that I am always tired. I'm sleeping better than I have for 20 years and still I wake up as if I have a hangover ......and I haven't had a drink the night before. Very nannoying as Andy used to say in Panto....panto what's that. So as I write, still no word on whether the panto will go ahead. I'm still very positive but I do realise that there will come a cut off point not too far away where it will be physically impossible to organise a panto of our standard. I can only hope. I must say that the first 8 weeks of the lockdown were easier than the second few weeks. I have a theory and that is that when I work the adrenalin pumps through my veins and it obviously has a good affect on me. So consequently with no adrenalin I'm getting lethargic and less motivated. Sad, because I know all the acts are going through the same feeling. The 'boys' and I use the term loosely (Andy Grant Pix and Jordan) all meet up on Zoom every Thursday and we have a couple of hours chatting and laughing. It is great fun and knowing that Andy is on shielding and total self isolating, it's a big night for him. We were screaming with laughter last week when we showed each other the items we had bought on line during lock down. Andy's Cherokee plastic jacket was the winner though. Grant's over the shoulder holster for his little things was a close second. My non slip socks got a great laugh as well as I explained that I believed the video that showed a man being pulled by his sox across a street and they didn't 't come off......they fucking did when I tried them. Three seconds and they were crumpled in my shoe.

Our wee dug Harry is a dream. Although I look like I'm a self harmer with lots of cuts on my arms. He cant half bite. He has done so well though. 80% potty trained in the first 10 days. He starts with a trainer tomorrow so let's hope he can stop him biting. The kids are a lot better now that lockdown is easing and we are all feeling that life is getting back to normalish. However no sign of ships this year. I never thought I'd have a gap year at my age. Ok look after yourself and keep going.


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