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What a great year so far.

So all the hard work is over. It's paid off and my mind is almost empty now. I went for my walk (as I do everyday) and I realised on Wednesday that I had nothing to think about. The big Big show was over and Zedel was over as well.

First of all the Big show was a great success. Everyone on it was amazing. The Soul Nation (Chris Judge and Co) were sensational. Also so great to work with. They were willing to join in with all the comedy bits as well. (8 Boabys was wonderful) I also loved the choir joining in with my song "Only You'. They brought it to life. Kev Orchian was great as well. His Boabivia from Kinnel was a masterpiece. Mandy Muden lived up to her BGT tv spot.....only better, and Stotty boy was on form. Our nostalgic photo sketch was so much fun to do. We had rave reviews from all the papers......only one young girl on an obscure website decided to slaughter the show. (I think she left a "t' out of her name....I'll leave it at that.) Business was even better than last year. So all in all it was a very successful week.

Then I came home and prepared for Crazy Coqs at 'Live at Zedel' The reason I had to prepare for it was that I had to package my material in a different way. So I built it round a tribute to my dad. (who was my manager for 25 years and my total inspiration for everything I have done in the business) It was such a wonderful night. There were so many friends and showbiz faces there. The support was incredible. The room is so intimate and very different from working in the big theatres. But it took me back to my early days in cabaret. It was a very special night. Kate did a number and as I write, something very exciting looks like it will happen.

Now I can relax for a little while. A holiday is imminent and I have to start writing a book. I have been commissioned to write an Aunty May book for the Weebook company. So that's a new venture. Should be seen by Christmas.

Ok that's you up to date I think.


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