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So....... That's the question on everyone's lips.....What is happening about panto. Well, know one knows, which is pretty much they same about everything that is going on in the world at the moment. Know one knows. However, a bit like how everyone thinks they know how to manage a football team and scream about the manager (incidentally I know nutting about football, remember the actor in the that strange German prison camp who said 'I know nutting' ) I digress.....Anyway I feel that everyone has an opinion about how the government should be doing it. Just remember no-one knows anything. The government are new to the whole problem and I believe are trying their best. Yes they have made mistakes but it was uncharted waters. Right I'm not getting into political stuff. I joined Twitter a couple of months ago, because I was pushing my 'captain Tom' video and everyone said I should be on there. I have always resisted that part of social media as I have heard so many horrible things about it. Well I think I have written 3 posts in two months. It's a horrible place and I don't want to read or be read by anonymous twats.

The other question that is always being asked is, has the lock down changed you. Well it has in some respects. I'm completely content in my own little family circle. 3 months of my wife and children's company has been lovely. I do miss restaurants and I really miss working and not having a purpose to my days, but all in all I haven't missed anything else. Jane and I are very happy with each other and the kids have been fantastic. Watching David's career taking off is every exciting and Kate has now got a new New York Manager who is perfect for her. The dog.....Harry Stewart, is a dream and it's like having a child all over again. Jane once again is doing an amazing job. I'm happy to wind him up but Jane knows just how to train him. We are loving it. So all in all if we can at least get panto back on I'll be very happy. August seems to be the cut off point so watch this ............


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